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Julkinen työtila Latest text of pad hacklab Tallennettu Heinäkuu 7, 2020

Helsinki Hacklab MotherPad
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  • Helsinki Hacklab: http: / / helsinki
Labi condition
  • Old:
The new facilities
  • Moving Checklist / status reflections 
Buy / Sell / Lend / Give parts
Co-ordering / Common orders 
  • The next course material planning
  • Circuit board design
  • Vinyl cutting
Current  / Upcoming Events
Past Events
  • Alt Party 2010: We were there, somewhere pad
  • Model Expo 2010: We were there, somewhere pad
Show and tell
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  • Wind tunnel
  • Controlled ferroliquid h ttp: //
  • in co-operation with Hacklab Turku
Document   (that is, introduce)   finished or unfinished project stages as here, with or without :
Other hacker spaces' motherpads
Hacklab common pages
Internal operation
  • Annual reports
  • Action Plans
  • Conferences
  • Board of directors
Organizational R elations
Old stuff